Tragedy or comedy? – Our Finnish adventure

This weekend Smula and I were going to Oulu in Finland, for two day international show. Left Trondheim on Thursday in my new car, and the first leg was to Piteå in Sweden. So far so good, but Friday the troubles started – the car wasn’t working properly. Got hailed back to the VW-dealer in Piteå, where they started to look at the car and tried to fix it. Unfortunately the job was too extensive, and so we continued in a rental car while the Golf was left behind.

Saturday the first show started at comfortable 10 am, so had a nice relaxing morning and still arrived at the venue in good time. To my surprise the majority of the bitches was entered in champion class – 6 of them, so this was going to be a right battle. Or so I thought.. Apparently judge Jo Scheepers only though two of them to be of champion quality, and Smula did not place. The critics were excellent though:
«2,5 years old. Good looking bitch. Very good in type and size. Very nice head. Good eyes, ears and teeth. Very good neck, topline and tailset. Good angulation front and behind. Good legs and feet. Good wired coat, little bit too much coat on front legs. Good moving, showing and temperament»

Sunday we entered for judge Francisco Salvador Janeiro, and placed 4th in champion class but without cc, with the following critics:
«Big. Excellent type. Long head. Feminine expression. Quite good topline and croup. Would like more angulation in front. Movement could be better, and topline is not so solid.»

Both the judges on Saturday and Sunday only gave one or two cc’s in each class, which I found very strange. Looking back it would have been easier to gain the cc and then possibly a cac if I have entered her in open class instead. But I am nothing but amazed about the comment on her movements – after all, she did become BOB last weekend because of her movements..

Arrived home today, one day behind schedule, due to the mess with my car (which by the way is now fixed). If it wasn’t for all the lovely people I got to spend the weekend with it would be a complete disaster ;) 

So – tragedy or comedy? A tragic comedy? :D

I got a picture in the mail though – better memories! From last weekend:


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