National show, Oppdal 23.06.2013

Today we started this summer’s show season at the national show at Oppdal, Norway. 5 black minis were entered for judge Kitty Sjong from Denmark.

I don’t know what was up with Smula today, but she did not behave like she normally does in the ring. Sniffing around, jumping, generally being a bit «off» and not being her normal alert self. She then ended up as 2nd BB with cc, with the following criticism (translated from Norwegian):

«Wonderful head. Good bite. Excellent pigment. Well marked stop. Long skull. Good neck and back. Well placed tail. Well angulated. Adequate muscles in the rear. Elbows could be closer to the body. Good bonestructure and paws. Excellent movements.«

All in all a good review, and I am confident she will be back to her normal self again shortly.


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