The Miniature Schnauzer

The mini is a rather well known breed, but without being among those who are the largest in population. Each year app 80-90 puppies are registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club in each colour variety, apart from the white ones.


The schnauzer is originally a German breed which originally was named the wirehaired pinscher, and became recognised as a breed on its own at the end of the nineteenth century. The Schnauzer-Pinscher Club was established in 1895, and was a club for the schnauzers, pinschers, miniature schnauzers and miniature pinschers. The first known miniature schnauzer registered litter was born in 1888, and concisted of 3 blacks, 3 yellows, 1 black&tan and 2 salt/pepper. Today there are four colour varieties which are approved of by the FCI: black, salt/pepper, black/silver, and white.


The mini with its sound construction of body is recognised as a realtively healthy breed, but as with all live animals some diseases can appear. One has to be aware of eye diseases, and all resposible breeders check they eyes of all animals used in breeding, and as many as possible of their offsprings. Even so, it might appear as these are genetic diseases, and there is no guaranties that it will not appear.


The mini is an intelligent dog with a lot of courage, and should not be shy or reserved. Some might not be very interested in strangers, but this is no flaw. It is very much a pack dog, who prefers to be with the family.

The coat

The mini does not shed when given the correct care to the coat. This means one has to be prepared to spend some time grooming the dog. The coat need regular stripping to maintain the quality of the coat, and when correct the coat is weatherproof. Some owners use clippers, but then the coat eventually will loose this quality, and may even start to shed.

The mini is suitable for whom?

The mini is suitable for those who want a small companion who prefer an active lifestyle, Lazy days on the couch is ok once in awhile, but a mini who does not get enough stimulation may end up being very creative – and sometimes also end up not being a very pleasant dog. Single, families with children, living in a flat or a mansion does not matter – it adapts to all contitions. But, being originally a farm dog whose job was to notify when strangers arrived some barking can be heard.

The mini is very happy when it has a job to do, and if you are interested in agility, tracking, or obedience the dog will appreciate this. Although, sometimes the dog might be interested in something completely different than the owner..


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