Eye check

Today we visited out veterinarian for the annual check up with vaccines. Both dogs were complimented on their general condition and good behavour, which is always nice to hear!

Smula also had an eye check, which for a owner with previous dogs with eye diseases always is slightly nervewrecking. But no need to stress on this one! Although one hair growing towards the left eye gives her the diagnosis mildly affected with distiachiasis, it is not something which is a problem for her, and will not prevent her from being bred upon. The most important for future breeding plans is that she is all clear for any signs of hereditary diseases as PRA, chataract etc – YAY!



Freya also got an extra treatment – a prescription on Galastop to stop her from producing milk. Her pretend pregnancies have become worse with age, and at the last one she had milk for 5-6 weeks. This time we’re nipping it in the bud!


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