Skruff’s Black in the USSR-Isis




This little black beauty was born at Kennel Skruff in Arendal, 14th of January 2010, and tried to crawl out of the litter box only two days old. Ever since she has been busy trying to go places, and everything she does, she does with all her heart.

Frequently entered in the showring, with good results, starting with becoming Best In Show at her very first puppy show. As an adult she has been complimented on her extremely harsh coat, her excellent movements, feminine and well cut head, a beautiful topline, and excellent physique.

She has also gone through a mentality description (Mentalbeskrivelse Hund) with the score 2 on the gun shot. One of the describers commented after the test: «This must be one of the most pleasant dogs I have ever met

Thank you so much Elin, for trusting me with this wonderful little girl!

Height: 34 cm
Eyes: mild ectopic cillier (two wrong set eye hairs)
Full dental set with correct scissorbite

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