After a life time with interest for dogs I got my first black mini in 2006, and since then I’ve never looked back. I entered her at a puppy show for the sake of training, and got completely caught up in the world of showing dogs. 7 years later I have two of the kind in my home, and I am eagerly awaiting number three. Number three will hopefully be from my first home bred litter. Puppies who see the first ray of light in my home will be few and scarce – quality over quantity as they say.

I live an active life with my dogs, whom I bring with me for long daily walks, and they are also my running companions. I have tried obedience training, but it is too tedious for my interest. Instead we sometimes go tracking in the forest! My foremost hobby apart from the physical training is in the show rings, and we can be found ringside here, there and everywhere – come and say hi!

I am also currently a part of the board in the Norwegian Schnauzer Bouvier Club, and I have been involved here since 2008. Being a teacher of profession I also like to learn new things all the time, and I have been schooling myself on dogs anatomy, breeding, genetics etc for several years. Next will be to get the lisence as a ring steward.


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